THE 5-Day Crush It Masterclass by Pedro Adao (2022)

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Who Is Pedro Adao?

Pedro -The Challenge Guy- Adao is the Founder and CEO of 100X Academy which quickly became the #1 training program and community for kingdom entrepreneurs in the world. 

He is usually called upon by brilliant entrepreneurs and marketers for consulting and strategic guidance on how to design and implement a challenge as part of their marketing strategy… He had helped guys like Ryan Deiss, Eben Pagan, Joe Polish, Pete Vargas, Gary V, Ryan Levesque to create their challenges which have resulted in huge results. Now he has created the Crush It With Challenges course to teach people who can’t afford to hire him in-person how to design and do their own challenges.

Pedro Adao is the BEST SELLING AUTHOR OF THE FINISHED LIFE. The Finished Life is the life you would dream of having if you believed it was actually possible.

What is Crush It With Challenges?

Crush It With Challenges” is a training program created by Pedro Adao to help people launch new businesses or scale and grow existing businesses with the help of “online challenges”.

When we say “online challenges” we mean a marketing methodology that brands adopt that is based on challenging people via live events to participate and interact with them in order to provide a unique experience, educate, nurture, and entertain the ‘challengers’, build brand awareness, or promote a new product or service, and much much more. The philosophy is similar to contests, competitions, and tournaments.

In a nutshell, this training is focused on helping you create, design, run, execute, and scale online challenges by adopting movement-based messaging that is key to positioning your brand as a leader in a very competitive marketplace. 

It’s a comprehensive and detailed program including video lessons, worksheets, infographics, and other downloadable material, support, bonus training, and other goodies covering everything you need to become an effective challenge-maker targeting specific groups of people and grow your business exponentially using traffic secrets, sales funnels tactics, and paid advertising in a short period of time.
Pedro was able to use this methodology in his brick & mortar business and multiple successful promotions of Click Funnels, a SaaS company owned by Russell Brunson, as a publisher/affiliate winning various awards that are given to those who exceed $1M in sales.

He was also able to use this strategy to launch the 100X Academy, a rapidly growing company helping faith-based entrepreneurs succeed and thrive by providing training, support, and a community.

After this phenomenal success in a moment where Pedro was unknown in the online space without followers, no email list, no influence, and no prior experience, he went on to creating the ‘Crush It With Challenges ‘course to help business owners embrace online challenges, a method that more and more brands have already adopted in the recent years.
‘Crush It With Challenges’ as a training method helped thousands of ordinary people build their dream movement-based businesses. Pedro reveals all his secrets and holds nothing back. 

He shares invaluable insights, strategies, tactics, and methods, along with downloadable course materials to ease the program’s implementation.

What Do You Get when you join today ?

You will get lifetime access to Crush It With Challenges Program with 6 modules of live coaching, there are even bonuses from Pedro to help you launch a successful challenge, such as workbooks, checklists and even funnel templates! I will cover more extensively on his bonuses in the next section.

Let me briefly show you what exactly you get when you join today:

Module 1: Defining Your Motivation

This module teaches you how to discover what you should do and set goals for your business. Pedro Adao will guide you on how to solve problems.

Personally, I think this module is quite useless as you don’t learn anything practical.

Module 2: Why The Challenge Module

In this module, you will learn how the challenge model works and how you can use this model to build a community for your business.

Module 3: Challenge Design

In this module, you will learn how to set up timetables and develop your business plan.

Module 4: Challenge Execution

This module is about taking actions to complete your challenges.

Module 5: Challenge Strategies

This module is about how to acquire customers for your business. Pedro Adao will teach you how to use Facebook ads to drive traffic, which I don’t recommend for newbies.

Module 6: Customer Support

Customer support is an essential part for any online business. So you will learn how to provide good customer support to customers.

Crush It With Challenges Bonus


4 week crush it with challenges coaching program with pedro and head trainers. You will receive personalized guidance and Personalized coaching provides you direct access to a collective of challenge wisdom so you can get your challenge designed and implemented with help.

BONUS #2: The Ultimate Offer Design Worksheet ​​ (Value: $995)

Your offer is how you package and position your solution to your movement. Getting this right the first time will save you months of pain and head-ache. Too many people overlook the secrets of offer creation, so we’ve created a simple guide for extracting all of your value and conveying it in a simple, compelling, irresistible way.  

BONUS #3: The Ultimate Niche Finder Worksheet(Value: $995)
They say “Your riches are in your niches”… and discovering your niche is one of the critical ingredients to cashing in on the goldmine of opportunity that is movement marketing. You’ll learn how I identified small, seemingly “obscure” groups of underserved people who were just WAITING for someone to step in and lead… and get paid very well for it. Even if you’re brand new to this… this worksheet will simplify the niche-finding process for you.

BONUS #4: Challenge Traffic Mastery(Value: $2,995)
Want to grow your traffic fast, with or without ads? Discover the secrets of effective paid and organic traffic with Kasim Aslam and Rachel Miller so you can target the right audience and fill up your challenges fast without breaking your budget.

BONUS #5: Winning With High Ticket Offers & Sales: Coaching With Russ Ruffino(Value: $2,995)
START ATTRACTING YOUR DREAM CLIENTS. You will learn how to get clients with ease as expert and no-nonsense business coach Russ Ruffino teaches how to attract the right clients at the right prices, so you can get Clients on Demand

BONUS #6: Two Tickets To Crush It Live (Value: $995)
LET OUR TEAM LEAD YOU THROUGH THE PROCESS. Stay connected with other entrepreneurs on the same journey as you. Discover the power behind community so you can be inspired, encouraged, and empowere

BONUS #7: Seven-figure Funnel Templates(Value: $995)
DRAG AND DROP YOUR WAY TO THE TOP. It comes up with your own outline can be tedious and tiresome, use the system that has results. Use Pedro’s proven funnel templates so you can build your own effective funnel fas

BONUS #8: Turnkey Challenge Graphics Templates (Value: $495)
A customizable Facebook Group Cover Photo & Challenge Graphic Templates so you can clearly and professionally brand your challenge for maximum exposure and engagement.

BONUS #9: Ticket Map For Virtual Attendees With Pete Vargas (Value: $995)
Discover the secrets of best in class virtual events so you can produce exceptional virtual events of your own. Pete Vargas is the Founder and CEO of Advance Your Reach…

BONUS #10: Crush It With Your First Live Event Training With Bari Baumgardner(Value: $995)
Get expert tips for running a successful live event. Barri Baumgardner of Sage Productions teaches you to create Purpose Driven Paydays with her Crush It With Your First Live Event training. Everything you need to know to add an extra revenue generator on the back of your challeng

Total Actual Value Is $24,455