Lead Conversion Squared Review (LCS2 REVIEW)& bonuses by Chad Nicely and Daven Michaels


Welcome to My actual & fair “The Lead Conversion Squared Review”. this is a promising system by Chad Nicely and Daven Michaels that Help You Build Your Own Business Online… Even If You Don’t Have Products To Sell, Marketing Expertise, Or Tech Skills. You won’t just be learning, you’ll be doing! This Exciting System Opening For a Limited Time.

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PRODUCT NAME:      Lead Conversion Squared (3 Day Business Masterclass)

FOUNDER:                  Daven Michaels and Chad Nicely

PRODUCT TYPE:        Make Money Online

Course Duration:        6+Weeks Training

Refund Policy:             30 Days Available

PRICE:                         $1,497(+Upsell Available)


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Table of Contents

What is Lead Conversion Squared?

Lead Conversion Squared, also known as LCS2, is a lead generation and digital marketing program that Chad Nicely and Daven Michaels have curated for business owners and digital marketers to learn about lead generating, actively generate, and eventually convert their leads. The purpose of the LCS2 program is to introduce each participant to their personal virtual assistants that are reportedly pre-programmed to generate up to 1000 leads per month!

LCS2 was created to help anyone who wants to generate more leads and improve their online performance- website owners, online starters, internet marketers, and many more will greatly benefit from the strategies and methods recommended in this program.


About The Creators

Daven Michaels

Daven Michaels is a renowned author and also an online entrepreneur. He authored Outsource Smart, a New York Times Bestseller.

His 30 years of experience in business ventures has propelled him to become an expert in the digital marketing field.

One of his most successful business is 123Employee. This is one of the biggest process outsourcing companies in the Philippine.

Both marketers have been doing businesses for a long time, making a significant positive impact around the globe. The duo decided to work together to come up with Lead Conversion Squared to help online businesses with lead generation and conversion.

Chad Nicely


Chad Nicely is a renowned online entrepreneur. He is the visionary behind “EverSuite,” an all-inclusive software that helps business experts, influencers, and thought-leaders market their services and programs.

Chad is also a product creator, international speaker, and an online entrepreneur. He teamed up with Daven Michaels to come up with Lead Conversion Squared to help online businesses generate more leads and increase their conversion.

How does Lead Conversion Squared work?

The Lead Conversion Squared enables users to build a capable system that ensures that they generate high-quality leads. The protocol to be followed to make the system includes the following:

Automated Follow-ups
A thorough sales pipelines
A tagging system
A text-based follow-through system
The high-quality leads generated from this software enable the business’s reach to expand to a much larger target audience & keep them engaged. It reminds the target audience repeatedly about the services and products that the company has to offer to ensure that they continue to buy your products, turning the potential audiences to customers to a long term business opportunity.

This software helps redesign the business landing page, allowing it to be easily reachable to potential customers. It ensures that your business landing page is attractive and easily accessible, enabling users to reach a higher number of target audiences than any other marketing tactic.

The users can customize reminders for target audiences adding a unique and also personalized touch to it by attaching videos to gain more customer attention. This is a unique feature of this tool and isn’t prevalent in the market today.

The basic rule for any business to strive for better is simple: the more the leads, the more the income. This fantastic software enables users to access all its unique features that a business requires to gain more significant leads and grow. With a simple investment, you can get a life long increase in income.

The entire program is based on developing better customer relationships through good communication and prompt actions. The creators know the importance of successful leads and aim at providing you with that. The week-long masterclass is essential if you are new to the business. You will get expert guidance from the classes that will lead you to set up a profitable business.

Who Can Benefit From This LCS2 Workshop?

The official website suggests that their LCS2 review program and business masterclass will benefit website holders, digital marketers and any online businesses that are interested in maximising their expertise and reach in generation and conversion of leads. Additionally, this workshop is also helpful for social media influencers or just about anybody interested in digital marketing. The goal is to equip all participants with the information and skill necessary to ace email marketing and lead generation. The simple process of joining the Lead Conversion Squared workshop (masterclass) by registering on to their website is all one needs to do; the rest will be taken care of by the experts who will give the attendees a top to bottom run-down of how lead generation can be used to attain lucrative results.

What You Get Inside Lead Conversion Squared System

You specifically get three things with this cloud-based CRM software. Take a look below to see what the LCS2 package contains:

  • CRM software
    The first thing that you get is a software that has a user-friendly interface and can be helpful in a variety of ways. You get many amazing features with this robust software that has been designed by digital marketers for digital marketers.
  • Lead magnet
    Through this tool you can also have a well-defined lead magnet that you can offer to customers in exchange of their information, for instance, their email address. With such information you can stay in touch with your customers and keep them notified with your latest offers and updates. The beauty the Lead Conversion Squared system is that you get tested, high quality templates of landing pages that are sure to bring you better conversions.
  • Lead inflow
    Last but not least you also get pre trained virtual assistants helping you at every step so that your sales funnel is complete and successfully brings leads to your website. With this system, you can make 1000 additional leads per month without having to go through the trial and error process.