The Kibo Code Quantum Review & Bonus – Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton (2021)

Welcome to My actual & fair “The Kibo Code Quantum Review”. this is a promising system by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton that teaches how to build a profitable e-commerce business. This Exciting System Opening For a Limited Time.

If you are here because you are interested in the course, You can find The Kibo Code Quantum Official Website Here.

IMPORTANT: Remember, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and  you have got everything to gain, nothing to lose and it could change your life forever…


I hope you’re holding up okay during this crazy time. I’ll get right to the point because  I’m guessing you have a lot on your mind right now.
We’re living in a world of uncertainty right now, to say the least.
Many well intentioned, hard-working people don’t know if they’ll have a job to go to once the word begins to return to “normal.”
The words “job security” just don’t seem to mean much anymore.
I think now, perhaps more than ever before, everyone needs to start thinking seriously about creating their OWN source of income — one that’s separate from their regular job.
Have you created that income stream for yourself yet?
I ask because generating our own income is the first step towards gaining real security.
I asked myself recently – what’s the perfect online income stream to start from home RIGHT NOW, in today’s uncertain environment?
I knew it had to be:
– Something SUPER straightforward (and non-technical) that anyone could do
– Easy to learn
– Even easier to implement
– Led to results quickly
– Could be ramped up into something significant

That’s when I thought of . aidan and steve which make over $7693k per day.

There is No Shopify, No Amazon, No Inventory, No Overseas Suppliers, No fiddling about with Facebook accounts, No market research

It’s meets ALL of my criteria above.

Aidan and steve will arrange special live workshop that we will be running on Friday. This webinar will have a different angle and will have a number of BIG REVEALS . and there will be NO REPLAY.

On the call they’re going to be doing something that they have NEVER done before by revealing how they generated $21K in 7 days with ONE product using nothing but FREE traffic.,

You’ll Also Discover The “Type” Of Products We Used To Generate Revenue Like This (IN fact, We’ll Reveal FIVE “6-Figure” Example Products That You Can Sell Immediately)

>> Register for the Workshop here

Now regardless of your experience level, I’d strongly encourage you to attend this Workshop. Yes, it’s perfect for beginners. But it’s also a great way to diversify your income if you already have an established online business.


During this LIVE EVENT we’ll hand you a 7-PHASE “2021” action-plan that’ll enable you to ride a never-before-seen growth in eCommerce sales using a “Misunderstood” source of MONSTER traffic.
You’ll discover how to accelerate this system dramatically with “DONE-FOR-YOU” set-ups, secret technology and “push-button” traffic.
We’ll reveal TWO ‘secret’ ADVANCEMENTS we use to generate UNLIMITED sales in ANY market or niche.
We’ll show you a radical technique that generated $16,165 in ADDITIONAL revenue using a ‘set & forget’ ‘evergreen’ method that is completely automated.

 the main info…

Course Name: The Kibo Code Quantum 

Founders: Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton

Course Type: Premium e-commerce Business Training Course

Course Duration: 8 Weeks

Course Price: $3497 (Instalment Option Available)

Recommended: 100% Highly Recommended

Official Website : Click Here

​Who Are Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth?


Aidan Booth:

grew up on a farm in New Zealand. In 2005, he set up his first internet marketing site. By 2006, Aidan was more ‘savvy’ to the way the Internet world worked and he began setting up simple affiliate websites. He was sending paid traffic to them (using Google Adwords). One thing led to another, and Aidan eventually moved his focus from affiliate sites with paid traffic to a mixture of eCommerce sites and affiliate sites. These sites leveraged Google traffic (via top rankings) and a mixture of different paid traffic sources

Steve Clayton :

partnered with Aidan Booth in 2013. Steve comes from a corporate background, he was previously the CFO of a Fortune 500 company. Also, he had a lot of years of corporate experience prior to starting his own online business. The upside of this experience really shines through in so much of what Steve and Aidan do.

​What is The Kibo Code Quantum?

The Kibo Code Quantum is a training program over an 8-Week period that shows people how to make money using a very unique style of eCommerce that we have made MILLIONS of dollars with over the past couple of years completely “under the radar”.

What makes this different to other eCommerce methods is that this is MUCH faster and easier for people to implement, even if they have no previous experience.

There is No Amazon, No Facebook, No Inventory.

The method is based on a model a famous brick&mortar store in Tokyo, Japan uses to make BILLIONS of dollars every year selling literally every single type of product you can imagine

How Is Kibo Code Quantum Differ From The First Launch?

Not only is this the easiest to understand, but simplest, the most predictable, and most profitable business model They have also ever taught, They have literally hundreds of customer success stories.

Honestly, in the 14 years that They have been selling information products in this market, They have NEVER seen quite so many people succeed…

They have testimonials from people earning hundreds, even thousands of dollars each day, and they’re going to be fully focusing on them during prelaunch and launch week in order to maximize conversions.

Not only that, They have many incredible additions with this version of the Kibo Code. This isn’t simply going to be a “relaunch” or “reboot”. The training will be entirely new, taking into account what they have learned over the past year (which is a lot!). They know exactly what all the pain-points are and them have solved all of them.

Plus, they have spent literally hundreds of thousands of dollars this year creating incredible software and tools to make the process EVEN EASIER for people. they can’t say exactly what these are at the moment – but trust me, they are HUGE.

How The System Work?

The process is very simple, only involves 5 core steps… and looks like this…


In fact, you wouldn’t need to set it up yourself as they’re going to do it for you


Next, you would identify a core selection of winning products to load into your “SuperStore” ready to sell.

But again this is something you WON’T need to worry about, as we have another HUGE shortcut you can take advantage of which can solve this potential issue (again, more on this in a moment)


The third step is all about aiming to reach an initial milestone of $1000 per week in profit by taking advantage of instant sources of “buyer” traffic.


Next, you need to optimize your sales processes to increase conversions and therefore sales and profits.


In step 5, you’ll be repeating the process in order to hit further milestones – with the aim to eventually go from $1000/week (milestone #1) …to $5000/week (milestone #2) …to $10,000/week (milestone #3) and beyond…


What is Included in the Kibo Code Quantum Course? 

Let’s run through thecomponents of The Kibo Code to show you how this all comes together and how YOU can take advantage of this incredible business model..

Module 1-KIBO ACADEMY (Classified Training Revealing Every Step Of The System)

The first component of Kibo Code QUANTUM is the “Academy” which contains the core 8 week training program that’ll show you how to build your new eCommerce empire in record time.

The actual value of what you will receive here is huge and we could spend hours going through everything that’s included.

Module 2-KIBO LAUNCHPAD (Mission control for your entire operation)

The LaunchPad is your one-stop ‘operations hub’ that’ll allow you to build, manage and scale your business with machine-like precision.

We’re going to be giving you exclusive access to the infrastructure we’ve built over the past 12 months to accelerate your business and the speed in which it starts making money. .

Module 3-Kibo Super Stores(Go From Start To Selling Fast With Done-For-You Webstores)

This is your DONE-FOR-YOU SuperStore, loaded up with 10 products that’ll allow you to go from START to SELLING in record time.

It will help you to draw in sales, establish yourself as a market leader and generate consistent buyers and income.

This is completely unprecedented and all the elements you need to get set up, get online and start getting sales are COMPLETE and ready to go.

All you need to do is hit a few buttons and get it online using the KIBO LaunchP

Module 4- Profit Vault(Done-For-You Products From Our Secret Repository)

As mentioned, in the Velocity Hub component of The Kibo Code training, they’re going to hand you 5 “Done-For-You” products you can set up and sell immediately.

However, not only are we going to give you five money-making products, we’re also going to show you how to mine for gold and identify ADDITIONAL best-sellers from our curated repository of over 3 million products.

Module 5- Kibo Accelerators (Secret bluprints for capturing targeted traffic&sales for free)

This section of Kibo Code QUANTUM is focused on one thing… GETTING WEBSITE TRAFFIC.

Usually getting targeted traffic can be tricky but we’re going to hand you our fool-proof plan that’ll allow you to reel in unlimited amounts of customers without any of the headaches that you’ve experienced before. .


The Traffic Black Box Module will tell you how to get massive traffic to your e-com store by using some untapped traffic generation methods. Once you start this step, you will see the sales are coming.

Look at above screenshot which taken from one of their website and imagine how much money you could make with this many people coming to your websites.

Module 6- Kibo Powerlabs (Proprietary Software To Accelerate Your Profits)

A key focus of The Kibo Code is to make it as hands-free for you as possible and one of the ways you’re going to achieve this is by using our suite of “smart” software tools called Oracle X.

These tools have been specifically designed to handle all the time-consuming and complex parts of the process and will allow you to shortcut your path to success, save you time and make you money faster.

This will eliminate the need to do any mind-numbing formatting and fiddling about with image or copywriting work!

Essentially, the tools you’ll get access to have been specifically designed to engage potential customers and accelerate the speed in which you can succeed with this business model. They have all been tried, tested and proven.

Module 7- Kibo Alliance(24/7 Support System Manned By Kibo Team Experts)

As people who have taken our past trainings and courses will know, we provide incredible support to our students and this time around will be no exception.

The Kibo Academy is an exclusive community and support desk where you’ll get assistance and support from our team along with fellow members.

Ok, now that we have covered the core components of The Kibo Code, there is one additional (and EXCEPTIONALLY exciting element) to this that we we need to mention…

As a Kibo Code member, you will also be invited to…

Kibo 2020 Live Event (FREE All-Access Pass to “Kibo 2020” Exclusive Live Event)

The event takes place in Las Vegas in 90 days time and the benefits of being there are almost too colossal to put into words.

However, what we can tell you is this…

At the event you’ll be able to meet and network with other business owners, learn from successful entrepreneurs and will come away from the event armed with a treasure chest of secrets and strategies and a true competitive edge that’ll enable you to make more money in your business right out of the gate.

Remember, Aidan & Steve reveal absolutely everything.

It’s “Priceless“.

As you already know…

But that’s not all…

The Kibo Code Quantum Bonuses

If you decide to join the Kibo Code program, they’ll also hand you 3 Exclusive Bonuses worth close to $14,000.

Here’s what you’re going to get.

BONUS 1 # The Secret Mastermind 

You will get advanced workshops with additional tactics, formulas, and strategies worth $4997

BONUS 2 # Kibo Code Live Recordings

You will get provided with the full recordings of our life event with guest speakers and inner circle secrets worth $3997

BONUS 3 # 7-Figure Scaling Secrets

Exclusive training revealing how to scale your business to a 7-figure run rate. worth $4497 

The Kibo Code Quantum price

This priceless system with the bonuses worth is $65,000+. But, Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton are going to allow you to literally steal this from them for just $3497. Furthermore, you have 2 enrollment options

The Kibo Code Guarantee

There is ZERO risk for you (Here’s why…

30-days risk -free money -back

You only have one opportunity to make your decision and if you tell them within the next 30 days that you are not TOTALLY convinced by the income pulling power of this revolutionary system, they’ll swiftly refund every penny of your small investment – no questions asked.

Why Should You Join The Kibo Code Quantum?

This is the most effective way of earning money without spending any money on running ads. This program can help you start your online business by doing e-commerce in a new and better way. It does not require you to buy any product or make any investment in ads.

When Aidan and Steve hosting a training program, it would be highly profitable, scalable ,and successful for their students. they have a huge reputation in this digital marketing and e Commerce field.

All the steps and techniques in this Kibo Code review that you are going to know about are already tested by the creators and are the reason for their success.

Pros and Cons of the Kibo Code Quantum Course

  • Pros of Kibo Code
  • Easy to learn-The lessons are divided into an easy to digest and simple to understand.
  •  Creators- Aidan and Steve  have a huge reputation in this digital marketing and e Commerce field. they use the same strategy and blueprint shared in side the kibo code system to earn millions of profits online. 
  • Affordable-This program will be reasonable so that everyone can go for it and it will focus on helping you get a good earning after 8 weeks of training. You will be able to earn back the invested amount in less than 1 month with the help of the techniques discussed in this program.
    Does not require investment : The best thing about this program is that it does not require any investment in buying products or running Facebook ads. 

Cons of Kibo Code

  • This program has limited availability of course offer so grab this opportunity as soon as possible.
  • Kibo code priced around $3497 to some people it is overpriced but after completion of this course, you will be able to earn it back pretty quickly.
  • This Program NOT Open Forever

Frequently Asked Questions 

The program was Created by Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton. They’ve been working together for years now, and are known across the industry as honest & hard-working.

The Kibo Code is an 8-week training program, that will teach you how you can set up a unique styled E-Commerce store.

This program will be released at the end of January 2020.

You can register yourself from the official website of Kibo Code Program once the registration starts.

Kibo Code will cost you $3497. You can also pay the course fee by three installments and each installment is expected to be $1167. 

YES! Being that this is sold via Clickbank, there is a full 30-DAY money-back guarantee


After buying the program, you can have a video call with the creator. You can also send e-mail to the creators anytime you want to clear your doubts.