Parallel Profits Review: Steven Clayton & Aidan Booth New Program

  • Product Name: Parallel Profits
  • Creators: Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton
  • Type: Training, Tools, and Partnership program
  • Price: 3 payments of $997 or one payment of $2497

What is Parallel Profits?

Parallel Profits is the latest invention from Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton and is an excellent system that opens up a portal to earning $100,000 with just 7 sales. The great thing about it is that anyone, from a complete beginner to a professional entrepreneur will have something to learn and gain when they get Parallel Profits when it launches on January 29.

Its basic principle involves selling minor services to local entrepreneurs in your area, but with certain twists that make the program different. First, learners will be part of a franchise including Steve & Aidan who are always ready to give useful tips and advice.

Additionally, they won’t have to outsource any services once they get a contract to provide work since there’s already a team of skilled personnel available for duty. Likewise, since Parallel Profits has a powerful built-in lead generation system, you won’t have to do any bidding for customers since the program will automatically attract potential customers to you.

E-commerce has become a lucrative business ever since the world moved from physical stores to the digital world. As such, it’s entirely possible to make money from home using only a computer, an internet connection and a solid business model.

In fact, more and more people are moving away from traditional office desk jobs and finding success in making money on the internet. Oftentimes, the profits are significantly larger than what they can make being tied down to a 9-to-5 occupation.

Behind Parallel Profits Course – Aidan & Steve

  • Steve Clayton

Steve Clayton is a digital marketing expert who has been in the business for a long time now, he practically knows the industry inside out. He has worked in big fish companies such as CBS, Marriot, AIG, etc. He is also a graduate in Business, Accounting, Mathematics, and Computer Science.

Previously Steve was the  CEO and Vice President of a company listed in Fortune 500. This is where he learned and studies the nooks and nicks of the digital marketing industry. He did not stop there he also worked as a  technology leader, executive manager and as director for corporate enterprises as mentioned above. He met with Aidan, now his partner, back in 2013, after the two met things are history in colors. They started off, came up with bigger and better strategies on digital marketing

  • Aidan Booth

Aidan Booth grew up in a farm town in New Zealand. He met his now wife Carolina and settled in Argentina after marriage. Since Argentina was a new place he couldn’t find a job especially not knowing the native language. He dreamt of having a job that did not have a geographical limitation. That is when he began a looking for work online and led him into the world of opportunities. In 2005 Aidan build his first website and later on he recorded all his Internet Marketing journey in his personal blog,

The first website helped him make small earnings through paid advertisements but that did do much, which got him looking for more. This opened the path to more opportunities and more understanding of how the internet works. Soon he was developing e-commerce and affiliate websites. Though he did experience some down in the beginning when Google Mayday update was introduced, he fought his way back up. It was some were during this time he met with Steve and together they had a breakthrough in internet marketing business.

 Together they have built not just one but many successful eCommerce stores, affiliate websites and coaching systems. The Parallel Profits Program is their latest and said to be the best thing that is waiting to happen – helping people to grow and find their success.



What is included in Parallel Profits Training?

So far Steve and Aidan have held 15 online training courses covering a multitude of areas and dealing with 100,000 students.  Many of them who are some of the successful entrepreneurs in the industry. The training program will give the students an opportunity to work alongside Steve and Aidan. Thats the best thing we find in researching for this Parallel Profits review.

  • The program will work as a simple model that provides “simple online services” to local online businesses.
  • These services include simple but very elementary and critical needs of the local business owners such as more search engine visibility, more social media exposure and more reliable web presence.
  • These are needs for every small or big business which is why they will come to us.  
  • We (the team ) will be handling tasks like, Updating local listings on Google, Creating simple content for social media, Website development, Website hosting etc.
    But the best aspect of this program is that all the above-said tasks will be handled by Aidan and Steve and their team.  So you can get a sold collection from $100,000 in net profit. The fact that we don’t personally have to provide any of the services mentioned is a cool thing because getting the basic sight is the most difficult part.

Also if you are an aspiring internet marketer, all the free but extremely helpful and priceless Parallel Profits bonuses from the creators would be a treasure chest to build local SEM business. We would not just be earning from Parallel Profits but all the training and material will also give you a clear idea on how you can also set up various other online business site to earn more money.

Who is Parallel Profits for?

It is for you if you already have a business and want to grow it as soon as you can (whether it’s a service-based business or another business that needs money to grow)

Also, it is even better for you if you are starting out because you won’t have any previous misleading training and you can build a rapidly growing business following this model

Parallel Profits Bonuses

Bonus #1: Secret Mastermind (Value: $2997)

The Secret Mastermind Sessions will be a series of three live workshops that will be running after the main training has been completed.

These special one-off workshops will focus on a host of power-packed tactics, formulas, and strategies that will boost the sales and profits of your business in its early stages.

Bonus #2: Parallel Profits Live (Value: $4997)

You will get all-access admission to Parallel Profits LIVE, a private live-streamed 2-Day event which will reveal a further series of “inner-circle” secrets that’ll show you how to take your business to the next level.

This live event will have guest speakers and special guests, student case-studies, special training, and Q&A sessions and much more!

Bonus #3: 7-Figure Scaling Secrets (Value: $2997)

This bonus is an exclusive video series on SCALING specifically on how to take your business from the $100K/year mark to $300K/year to $1 million & beyond.


Is Parallel Profits worth buying? 

The Parallel Profits is one of the best and most reliable programs on the internet that is worth spending your money on. All the programs by Steve and Aidan been proven their quality over the years by thousands of passionate, business-driven individuals. The method is well researched and set up smartly so that none of the users would be unsatisfied. With a lot of beneficial Parallel Profits bonuses and the massive value of this system, it’s a great deal.