The Wholesale Formula (TWF) Review & bonus 2022

Welcome to My actual & fair “The Wholesale Formula (TWF) Review”. this is a promising system by  Dylan Frost and Dan Meadors that teaches how to build a profitable e-commerce business through Amazon. This Exciting System Opening For a Limited Time.

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main info.

PRODUCT NAME:             The Wholesale Formula

FOUNDER:                         Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost

PRODUCT TYPE:               Amazon wholesale business course

Course Duration:               3 Days live workshop

Course Modules:                6 Modules

Language:                          English

Course Price:                     $2,997 (one-time) or $874 (4 monthly payments)

Official Website:                Click Here

Who Created The Wholesale Formula?

Dan Meadows & Dylan Frosts were the two giant behind The Wholesale Formula course.

Due to their great success, they left their jobs and started pursuing their wholesale business full-time within a few months.  Dan and Dylan’s wholesale company has, to date, generated over $30million from their Amazon sales.

Both Dan & Dylan don’t work nearly as hard as they used to before. They work less than 40 hours in a week and their Amazon wholesale business is doing better than ever.

Dan & Dylan Wholesale Formula guys have now started conducting professional workshops to accept new students once a year to teach them the formula.

What is The Wholesale Formula (TWF)?

The Wholesale Formula (TWF) is the premier online training program for anyone looking to leave the 9-to-5, be their own boss, and create a real business (no, not just a J.O.B).

The Wholesale Formula was designed to help people leverage big brands through wholesale’s power to replicate what’s already working on Amazon efficiently.

Dan & Dylan Wholesale Method, along with their students, has successfully generated more than half a billion dollars to date.

Since 2015, The Wholesale Formula has taught more than 5,000 students from all over the world how to sell physical products on using our unique Reverse Sourcing Wholesale method.

What Is Reverse Sourcing Wholesale?

Inside The Wholesale Formula, they teach everyday people how to sell products on Amazon solely using their unique Reverse Sourcing Wholesale method.

They use the “Reverse Sourcing Wholesale.” They eliminate the middleman and get products straight from the product owner. This is something exciting. You will thus no longer have to source the products from China. You will have to contact and negotiate with the product owners on Amazon. 

With their reverse sourcing wholesale method, they teach students to eliminate the middleman distributor and go straight to the brand owner to buy their products for less and then resell them on for a profit.

If it’s that easy, everyone would be doing it, right? Yeah, I know that’s what you’re thinking. The reason our model works is that it’s not easy for just anyone to do it.  To get a brand (a.k.a. manufacturer) to agree to sell you (the retailer) their product directly, you’ve got to be good. And that’s what we teach in The Wholesale Formula – how to develop relationships and provide value to brands so that they agree to let you sell their products and give you a good price on those products so you can make more money!

What’s inside The Wholesale Formula?

Now that you understand the Wholesale Formula course let look at what you will get when you join the course.

First Module:  Getting Started

This is the starter module, where the authors introduce the users to the Wholesale Formula business model. It explains the reverse wholesale concept and walks you through the steps required to set up your business.

Second Module: Product Analysis

Next, you’ll learn how to effectively and efficiently analyze Amazon products to determine their profit potential to see if they’re the right fit for your business.

Third Module: Scouting

Here the authors have explained in detail about scouting methods to find the most profit-generating products. They have discussed methods like Leaf Sourcing, Super Targeting, and Amazon Filtering to quickly find the best wholesale products.

Fourth Module: Value Propositions

Stand out and make yourself irresistible to brands to significantly increase your account approvals! Your Amazon expertise will help turn your partnered brands into raving fans.

Fifth Module: Sourcing

Discover the exact systems we use to contact brand owners, open wholesale accounts, and negotiate lower prices. Accurately forecast sales to place accurate initial orders and reorders ensuring you never miss a sale.

Sixth Module: Growth

Once the students have set up a successful business and have mastered it, it is time to put in place the automation techniques that helped Dan & Dylan Wholesale Formula business scale sales to millions’ level.

The Wholesale Formula Bonuses 

in addition to The Wholesale Formula pdf with this program. You get many bonuses. These are to help you set up your Amazon business for a successful sales record.

BONUS #1 : TWF Alumni Community

Membership of the Wholesale Formula Alumni group on Facebook. Here you can have all your questions and concerns answered. The members often share useful insights and experiences in their own businesses here.

BONUS#2: The Business Owners Playbook

You get access to exclusive software like Seller Labs Pro, Jungle Scout, and Tactical Arbitrage to automate your business. You also get special discounts and free trials.

BONUS#3: VA Launchpad

Access to the VA Launchpad course which teaches you how to hire and train virtual assistants. This allows you to outsource or automate most of your Amazon sales activities. In turn, your Amazon business will grow exponentially, with not many working hours for you.

BONUS#4: TWF Coaching

For the first time ever, new students will go through the course with a TWF Coach who will drive you to take action and hold you accountable along the path to success. You’ll get action steps, goals, and have access to a group coaching call every 2 weeks where you can ask your Coach questions and get guidance on growing your business!

BONUS #5: Live Webinar     

Live webinars by the authors are arranged occasionally. 


  • The Business Owners Playbook: $300 VALUE

And MORE! (Additional bonuses the TWF Team will be included will be announced SOON)

How can you get your hands on The Wholesale Formula?

the only way you can get early access to The Wholesale Formula system is through The Wholesale Formula workshops taking place on  Tuesday March 1st 2022. 

The Wholesale Formula training program price for the 2022 batch has not been revealed yet. I expect those details to be shared during the live workshops.

The previous edition was available at $2497 one-time payment or $997 monthly for three months.

This lifetime access to The Wholesale Formula also comes with a 30-day’, 100% refund guarantee in case you are not satisfied with The Wholesale Formula.

final verdict

The Wholesale Formula is a proven plan that has given results to many people the world over. It helps you tap into a lesser exploited source of income that most sellers do not know about. Taking up this program, you will join a select number of people earning through reselling on Amazon.

This Amazon Wholesale course has been immensely popular and successful over the past few years, which has been justified by the statistics. 

The Dan & Dylan wholesale method will help you to get the best products at a wholesale price directly from the manufacturer. This way, you can sell it at a good margin. This is one of the best ways of earning online in a legitimate way.